PSS Plex v1.1.0

This tool allows you to demultiplex (split) a PSS movie file into it's component MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio streams, and multiplex (join) a MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio stream into a PSS movie file.

I wrote this tool with DVD ripping in mind. PSS Plex comes with a tutorial to teach you how you can use it to downsample PSS movie files, in order to retain them for your DVD rip. The tutorial includes Zone of the Enders, Extermination, Warriors of Might & Magic, Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, and X-Winter Games.

There are two distribution types available for download:

SetupLite.exe   917Kb
PSS Plex, without any of the support DLLs. If you have MS Visual Basic 6 installed on your machine, a recent version of MS Office, or any other application that has already installed the MS VB's DLLs, then this one should work for you.

SetupFull.exe   2.84Mb
PSS Plex with all support DLLs. If you find that setuplite.exe above complains about a missing DLL, then you will need to download this one instead.