Dead Projects

Here are my previous projects that are no longer being worked on. Both the tool and source code are available for these dead projects.

Detonator Gamma Adjust (DGA)

Ever since I got my first Nvidia video card, I've had to deal with low brightness ("gamma") levels, particularly games that don't provide a brightness control. So I wrote this utility which will allow you to increase or decrease the gamma level at any time via special hotkeys.

Note: DGA has only been tested to work on Windows XP with Detonator v40 or higher.

*** DEAD ***
A better utility called Gamma Panel has since been released, which is more professional and has greater compatibility.

    Tool:  37k
Source:  17k

Anarchy Online Mission Display (AOMD)

This tool was created for the MMORPG game "Anarchy Online", to help streamline the process of using the in-game mission terminals, by generating a display of mission reward and location without having to click through the game's windows.

*** DEAD ***
Left the game at the end of 2001 and released the sourcecode. Currently the most popular successor is ClickSaver.

    Tool:  52k
Source:  164k