20th April, 2002

MFAudio v1.1 released. The main difference is I've ported it from VB to VC++, so it is now faster, more reliable, and smaller (57k, and with no DLL dependencies so it can be included with rip kits and such). I've also updated the ReadMe.TXT to include the settings for more recent games, and the interleave limit has been removed (required for THPS3).

26th November, 2001

I received an email from someone who had system troubles after installing PSS Plex v1.1.0. I believe this may be due to a few DLL files that had been updated by WinXP, and are not backward-compatible with Win98 (the user’s system). To avoid this, I’ve created a new “full” installation without the suspect DLL files… with any luck these DLL files that I left out will already be installed on your system by other programs. Let me know if you get any “Missing DLL” messages with the new version.

22nd November, 2001

I've posted a new version of PSS Plex (v1.1.0). The only real change from previous versions is to add command line support, to enable it to be called from other programs or batch files.

17th September, 2001

Thanks to Quicksilver for discovering a few bugs in MFAudio. These bugs are:
1. Creating an output VAG file would generate a corrupt filelength field in the VAG header, causing problems for MFAudio and possibly the PS2 games that use them.
2. When you have a file of a particular format open (eg. VAG), and open another file of the same format but different parameters (like frequency), these new parameters aren't updated on the display, causing confusion.

I've fixed these and created a new version (1.0.7) which can be downloaded from the MFAudio page.

3rd September, 2001

Added a new tool - MFAudio v1.0.

13th July, 2001

It seems quite a few people are having trouble tracking down a working version of TMPGEnc, so I've mirrored version 12e, the version I used throughout development of PSS Plex. You can download it from the PSS Plex page.

11th July, 2001

I've made a very minor fix to PSS Plex: A couple of people have reported 'Overflow' errors while trying to demux PSS files that are greater than 256Mb in size (namely, EVGRACE.3 from EverGrace). I've updated both setup packages below to incorporate the latest version with the fix, now version 1.0.0013. Probably not worth downloading unless you really want to demux that file.

6th July, 2001

It has been brought to my attention that the more recent versions of TMPGEnc are no longer able to directly transcode from MPEG2 Video to MPEG2 Video. The version I used for all my testing was Beta 12e, which is still available at the official TMPGEnc site, and older versions are also available here.

Thanks to Toshi and CReaTuReZ for this information!

1st July, 2001

PSS Plex is now ready for distribution....

This tool allows you to demultiplex (split) a PSS movie file into it's component MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio streams, and multiplex (join) a MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio stream into a PSS movie file.

You can grab it by clicking the link on the left.


If you need to get in contact with me, I am available via email at muzzleflash@emaildownunder.com. For any PS2 related queries you might like to try the forums at PS2Ownz.